16th Annual FFA Toy Show a Success

On Saturday, April 1st, unfortunately, the weather was not cooperating, but that did not stop the vendors and the members of the Mohawk Valley FFA. The show hit its largest vendor turnout in the last five years! In addition, we reached a record number of people in attendance reaching over 150, which was over an additional 50 people compared to previous years. This number may not seem to be as large as other shows bring in, but the vendors in attendance have always been happy and able to move toys! This year the toy show featured many activities for children. There was an Ag Zone for kids to play in that had a milkable cow, a corn play box, and a coloring table! At eleven o'clock there was a pedal tractor pull for the children to participate in. Two Mohawk Valley FFA members, Ian Hayes and Carolyn Littrell, brought chicks and a hen from their farms for children to interact with. These activities were a big hit for both the children and adults! When it was time for the pedal tractor pull it seemed there were more adults gathered around than there were children.

The FFA members not only helped ensure that the show ran smoothly, but they also help provide displays in the show itself. Owen Feagles from the Mohawk Valley FFA had a 1/64 Farm Diorama display. Ben Littrell from the neighboring HFM Ag PTECH FFA was displaying some of his 1/16 collection. Year after year there are always notable displays from adult vendors. Don Blair of Highland Mills, NY always has a notable display of custom pieces with a story. Charlie Vosburg of Palatine Bridge, NY is always pulling different toys from his collection. In the past, we have seen 1/16th precision tractors and this year he had a display of toy trucks. If you were in the mood to add to your own collection we also had many vendors with toys for sale from precision toys to “junk boxes” there was something for everyone. The Mohawk Valley FFA is extremely happy with the turnout of the 16th annual Mohawk Valley FFA Farm Toy Show. Every year the show seems to grow and we look forward to next year.