Wedded Bliss in the Prekindergarten

Mrs. Yoder’s Prekindergarten class recently hosted a wedding! After 25 weeks of meeting the Letter People from Abrams Learning Trends, Mr. Q was the final letter to make an appearance in the Prekindergarten classroom. Mr. Q is a very quiet letter, and he needs Miss U by his side to help him make his sound.  To make sure Mr. Q will always have Miss U, the students hosted a wedding in which Mr. Q promised to lead Miss U in all of his words and Miss U promised to follow Mr. Q.  Mr. Q took Miss U to be his vowel for life, to have and to hold through spelling and reading, and Miss U took Mr. Q to be her consonant for life.

Mr. Q, the groom, was aided by Brady Brown and Miss U, the bride, was aided by Ava Belcher.  The groomsmen included Christopher Leon, Dominic LeMoine, Calvin Eakin, and Joshua Walrath.  The bridesmaids were Gwyneth Fox, Bailey Horan, Katherine Davis, and Paige Bunker.  Ireland Malley and Peyton Carpenter were flower girls, Caleb Douglass was the DJ, James Hughes and Patrick Schoff were very welcoming ushers, and Roger Cummings, Kayden Carpenter, and Alexander Gutierrez acted as photographers.  Family and friends of the students were invited to attend.  Following the ceremony, students formed a receiving line and a reception was held in the classroom with delicious desserts.