Third Grade Students Honored to Have a Japanese Guest

Recently, the OESJ Third Grade students welcomed a very special guest! Yu Inose, a political science major at Herkimer Community College, visited the excited, young students to teach them about life in Japan. Energetically, she provided them with a comparison of schools in Japan to schools here in the U.S. and demonstrated how to write using different Japanese characters. Patiently, Yu answered numerous questions that the children came up with. They have been studying about the culture, geography, history, government, and economy of Japan, while reading non-fiction and fiction pieces. Although the students researched Japan, they were more enthused to be able to speak with Yu, who explained that she is from Ibaraki, Japan near Tokyo on the island of Honshu.

When asked about the foods that were most

different in her homeland, she mentioned octopus and sushi. Her response led to some funny faces in the crowd. Again, she received some gasps when she explained that the students serve each other lunch and do the cleaning in their Japanese schools. When asked about her favorite festival, she told them about the Fireball Festival. The children and teachers were very impressed with her English and realized that presenting to our group was not an easy task. We truly appreciated her taking time away from her studies to share with us.Yu created origami cranes for each of the children and brought them Japanese candies to sample. What an amazing lady! “Domo arigato, Yu!”  We also would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Larry Wilbur for arranging Yu’s visit to the Third Grade!