The Swim Home

OESJ 6th graders released the brook trout they have been raising all year into a local stream.  Students spawned the trout in October and then watched their babies grow in their classroom tank from tiny fertilized eggs, into strong and active fingerlings.  Students had a chance to check out their trout’s new home and study stream ecology while singing “Bye Bye Trout.”  This was the culminating activity for the year-long Trout in the Classroom program through Trout Unlimited.

Below: OESJ 6th graders and Mrs. Murcray say Below: Students look for stonefly and mayfly larvae. good-bye to their fingerlings!

Below: Sayge Ruffino-Mosher releases a brook trout. Below: Mr. Jordan and students sing the “Bye Bye        Trout” song.