Technology Education Students Utilize 3D Printer

High School Technology Education students in Kristy Shafer’s Computer Aided Drawing course recently begin experimenting with 3D printing using AutoDesk Inventor Software to print projects they created.  Students first learned how to use the AutoDesk Inventor software through teacher instruction and built-in interactive tutorials.  Students are now starting to apply what they have learned to design actual products.  Their first task was to design a Christmas ornament.  Students researched and designed their ornament, completed a 3D drawing using AutoDesk Inventor, then sent their files off to Bill Cooper, Director of Information Technology, to be printed.  After their ornaments were printed, students went on to practice finishing techniques to make the plastic product appear smooth.

3D printers work by taking the three-dimensional drawing file and laying down successive thin layers of plastic to create the product as designed.  OESJ High School is utilizing a Flashforge Creator Pro 3D printer to bring their designs to life.  The printer has the ability to print in two colors, allowing for more freedom in design.  Student are currently working to designing desk organizers, a project requiring them to account for what they want the product to hold, and what size it must be as a result.  Stay tuned for more updates in the future on the students’ products!