Take Your School Child to a Bookstore Day Happening for the OESJ Pre-K Classes!

It all started when three authors met at a book signing event in late September. Jenny Milchman, a nationally established mystery and suspense novelist, Daniel Barrett, a grant writer from Troy and new author that has been published as well, and Heidi Sprouse, OESJ Pre-K teacher and author, were talking shop about writing when Ms. Milchman mentioned her Take a Child to a Bookstore Day and foundation that she began several years ago in her quest to encourage families to get their children out to the bookstore. The official Take a Child to a Bookstore Day will be on December 5th, 2015, an annual event when the world of books can be opened to children across the country when they step into a bookstore. You can learn more about this day and the organization by visiting http://www.takeyourchildtoabookstore.org/.

Ms. Milchman’s organization wants to supply funding for school groups for a trip to the bookstore and that’s when the three put their heads together. Mr. Barrett volunteered his expertise to write a grant to apply for funding. Mrs. Sprouse shared the news with her fellow Pre-K teacher, Mrs. Yoder, the P.A.W.S organization, and administration, jumping in with efforts to find someone who would be willing to back a trip to Mysteries on Main Street, Johnstown’s bookstore. Then it was time to sit back and anxiously await a response.

What wonderful news came their way when the Golub Foundation agreed to support the trip. The hope is that this pilot program, the first of its kind for the Take a Child to the Bookstore Organization, will become an annual event for the Pre-K classes at OESJ. Thanks to a team effort from authors, teachers, and the force behind Price Chopper, the Pre-K classes will receive a grant to visit Mysteries on Main Street, receive a book, and have pizza at Vince’s Pizzeria, making this trip to the bookstore a truly exciting and memorable day in January! When we put a book in the hands of our youngest students and they have an adventure in a bookstore, we set the stage for a lifetime of literacy!