Project Based Learning in Prekindergarten

Eighteen PreKindergarten students in Mrs. Yoder’s class recently completed a study of medieval castles.  Using multiple resources, the class spent two days studying the parts of a castle and the purpose of each, including thick walls, towers, gatehouse, keep, entrance, and moat. Working in groups of three, students were given access to a myriad of wooden blocks and also the task of creating a castle using what they had learned.  “Watching them work was a wonderful experience for me as a teacher because I could hear them using the vocabulary they had learned.  They worked together to plan the size and placement of all the blocks.  The teamwork and cooperation among these four and five year olds was very positive,” notes Mrs. Yoder.  Upon completion Mrs. Yoder took pictures of each castle and printed them out in poster size.  The next day, groups had to work together to identify each of the parts of their castle, label the parts, and come up with a name.  Projects were then hung in the hall for others to see.

Caleb Douglass, Joshua Walrath, Kayden Carpenter with Wrecking Ball Castle

Alexander Gutierrez, Christopher Leon, Patrick Schoff with Lion Scratcher Castle

Bailey Horan and Paige Bunker with Wolf Paw Castle

Dominic LeMoine, Calvin Eakin, and Ava Belcher with Horn Castle

   Roger Cummings, Brady Brown, and James Hughes with Cat Scratcher Castle

Katherine Davis, Peyton Carpenter, and Gwyneth Fox with Dog Scratcher Castle