OESJ Students Participate in International Pen Pal Project

Seventh and ninth grade students in Ms. Post's and Ms. Jewett's English classes were very excited to receive Pen-Pal letters from students in South Korea.  Some got beautiful artwork and coins in their letters too.  They are in the process of writing back and telling the South Korean's all about their life in America. Our students were surprised at on how well they write in English.  They also commented on how much better the South Korean's penmanship is than theirs.  They were fascinated to learn about how much time South Koreans spend in school each day, about 14 hours, because they have regular school and then "cram school", which is extra tutoring, all night.  They also learned that the South Korean students are very focused on passing a difficult exam in their senior year, which determines what college they get into and much of their future.  Our students also noticed that many of them have very high aspirations for their futures and very specific ideas about their careers, which they noted in their letters.  What they loved the most was that they shared many of the same taste in books, movies, and music, such as The Hunger Games and Taylor Swift.