OESJ Seventh Grade Students Participate in Colonial America Craft

As an introduction to Colonial America, Mrs. Sitterly’s seventh grade Social Studies class made Apple-Head dolls. This project was developed and headed-up by Mrs. Dopp who is the Teaching Assistant in Mrs. Sitterly’s classroom. Mrs. Dopp brought great enthusiasm and knowledge to this project! Mrs. Sitterly and the whole class feel so lucky to have her with us!  Mr. Loren Baker also assisted. He is a student teacher in the classroom and a willing participant is all class activities.

Making the Apple-Head Dolls the students learned a craft from

the 1600 & 1700 hundreds. Toys from this time period were made from materials found on the homestead.  Students first peeled & carved faces in an apple. After being dipped in lemon juice, the apples dried for two weeks. As the apples shriveled, wrinkles began to appear, making the apples look like an old man or woman. At this point, the students used wool, fabric, sticks, beads, and twine to create their own individuals dolls, each with their own personality.

These young students learned patience & creativity while putting themselves back in colonial America, a slower paced life that had no video games or cells phones.