OESJ High School Students Meet Congressman Gibson

Congressman Gibson, spoke to students about his job, his time in the Army, and his time growing up in Kinderhook and how that prepared him for where he is now.  The Congressman then opened the program to a question and answer period. Students questioned him on a wide range of topics from his career in the Army, immigration, the Syrian refugee crisis, how to deal with ISIL, gun control and the Common Core in our Education system.

Congressman Gibson answered all student questions, giving the students a very positive experience. The Congressman got a round of applause from the students when he told them that he had given up one part of his pay after he and his family decided that it was not necessary to take both an Army pension and a salary as a Congressman.  After he closed the assembly, Congressman Gibson took the time to talk

and take pictures individually with students.

Following the private student assembly, Congressman Gibson held a press conference with local media regarding the passing of the Every Student Succeeds bill, passed the day prior by the House of Representatives.

Students overwhelmingly responded positively to the visit.  The students were very impressed with Congressman Gibson’s down to earth attitude. He was very engaged and expressed such a true love of country and community that was infectious.  Staff and students alike felt that Friday, December 4 was a great day at OESJ!