OESJ Elementary Students Participate in Jump Rope for Heart Fundraiser

During the month of February, students at OESJ Elementary participated in the Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser to benefit the American Heart Association. Students jumped rope during P.E. class and gathered donations from friends and family outside of school. The students at OESJ Elementary are proud to announce that they raised $4,239.28!!! Second grade student, Dominic Douglass, raised over $530.00 in memory of his grandfather and in honor of his uncle! Fourth grade student, Ella Shaut, raised over $150.00! Coach Hart and Coach Barnes are so proud of all of the students that participated in this very important fundraiser. Students learned the importance of community service and join together in helping other kids with special hearts. They learn how to develop heart-healthy habits while being physically active, while they learn jump rope skills they can use for the rest of their lives.

Students in grades kindergarten through six showcased their jump roping skills and competed in jump roping competitions. Joey Morrison, Adara Nicolella, Kali Hazzard, Baler Stowell, Kaylea Hickey, Jordan Simzer and Jesse Walrath held the longest jump roping time, with Baler Stowell jumping rope for over 12 minutes!!!! Fourth grade student, Kaylea Hickey, was the overall OESJ Elementary School Jump Rope Champion!

Coach Barnes and Coach Hart would like to thank all of the students, parents, faculty and staff that helped to make Jump Rope for Heart such a success!

Below Left - Kaylea Hickey— Overall longest jump roping time (grades 4-6) & OESJ Elementary School Jump Rope Champion

Below Right - Kirsten Swartz & Natalie Caponera present the check to the school

Left - Longest Jump Roping Time: Kindergarten—Joey Morrison, First grade—Adara Nicolella, Second grade— Kali Hazzard, Third grade—Baler Stowell, Fourth grade—Kaylea Hickey, Fifth grade—Jordan Simzer, Sixth grade—Jesse Walrath