OESJ Elementary Students Engage in STEM Project

A group of students in Mrs. Blanc’s class were excelling in Math and Science, and were in need of a challenge. Mrs. Jones is working with the students on STEM activities that relate to their math and/or science concepts.  In the activities, students are using the skills they are working on in Math such as measurement, place value, mental math strategies, and number fluency to work through hands-on problems. The activities use Science topics, technology, engineering, and Math concepts to problem solve and determine a solution.

In the pictures, students were to build towers using uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows. They first looked at towers around the world and their structure, created a blueprint of what they wanted their tower to look like, created the tower, and then used measurement to see which group had the tallest and/or strongest tower. The group is now building gingerbread man traps using supplies found around the school and home.