Kenya Comes to Life in the Classroom

Sixth grade students at OESJ Elementary School had the privilege of having teaching assistant, Karen Jones, speak to them about her trips to Kenya.  Students are learning about Africa in Social Studies. Mrs. Jones brought Kenya to life with maps, native clothing, ​stories of the Masai people, and other souvenirs.  Students were particularly interested in her story of hearing zebra's hooves at night as they ran close to her dwelling and how she saw termite mounds taller than her!  

Mrs. Jones is currently planning her fourth trip to Africa.    

Pictured below: Mrs. Jones points out where Kenya is in Africa.

Pictured above: Mrs. Jones shows the native typical male clothing.

Pictured below: Students listen as Mrs. Jones describes the Rift Valley.

Pictured above: Kenyan Souvenirs

Pictured below: Native cloth