Junior/Senior High School Students Commit to Be Fit

To celebrate Nutrition month in March, the OESJ Junior/Senior High school “Commit To Be Fit” Wellness Team Initiative will focus on eating and physical activity as habits which promote good health.  Our primary goal is to increase our students’ knowledge about more healthy food selections, how their food affects their mood, and how various types of physical activity will help them set their lifelong healthy habits and prevent illness. The program is being funded by a RHENSOM (Rural Health EducationNetwork of Schoharie, Otsego and Montgomery Counties) Grant through Bassett Healthcare submitted on behalf of the OESJ School District by District Health Coordinator, Jackie Lape.  Students who “Commit To Be Fit” have signed a contract committing to the following:
  • Understand a Commitment is a Promise Kept

  • Want to learn to take better care of my health

  • Want to learn more about good nutrition

  • Want to be physically active daily

Please support your student’s participation with the “Commit To Be Fit” Team!