How Does Your Garden Grow?

Sixth grade students at OESJ recently finished the novel Seedfolks by Paul Fleischman in Mrs. Battisti’s ELA class.  In the story, a community garden is planted in Cleveland in a vacant lot.  Thirteen different characters help to transform their neighborhood by planting seeds of vegetables and hope.
In Mrs. Murcray’s science class, students had the opportunity to plant a similar garden named the “Seedfolks” garden.  Students planted the garden after learning about photosynthesis, plant reproduction and soil quality.  Orion Pratt, Rebekah Semple, and Skylynn Sargeant were the lead gardeners; they cleaned the garden out, tilled the soil, planned the garden and planted the seeds.    Tools and seeds used for the project were purchased by a Dig-It grant from Cornell that Mrs. Jones, teaching assistant, applied for and OESJ received this year.  

Below: Hayley and Michael plant a marigold. Below: Rebekah waters her beets while Skylynn measures                                                                            out her pumpkins.

Below: Skylynn and Orion plant spinach.