High School Students Get Industry Insight

On Friday, February 12, high school students in the OESJ Small Engine Repair and Welding Fabrication courses visited two local companies related to the industry they are learning about.

In the morning, students toured Feldmeier Industries in Little Falls, NY. Students observed the construction of stainless steel bulk tanks from start to finish. Students toured the plant learning about the construction processes and skills that employers are looking for when they hire in a facility of that nature. One thing that students were extremely impressed with was Feldmeier’s ability to construct a cylindrical tank out of flat material. The students also toured the new facility which is able to construct larger tanks than the original facility. In the new facility, we were able to observe a computerized hydrojet cutter that was able to cut a four inch piece of metal using only water and a spray abrasive. The class also observed a seam welder where the operator is able to inspect and operate this welder from a computer screen.

After the Feldmeier Industry tour, the classes headed to Hulten Speed Sports in Oppenheim, NY. Ray and Lisa

Hulten opened the doors of their motorcycle shop to promote the engine industry. The Hultens showed the students how they port valves, cut valves, bore and hone cylinders, and much more. Finally the trip ended with a bike on the dyno, which is always the student highlight. Ray explained how many of the specialty tools are used and how he uses the dyno statistics to make decisions on how a bike should be modified. The OESJ students in these courses would like to thank Feldmeier Industries and Hulten Speed Sports for taking time out of their day to teach us about their industry. Without this experience, students might not understand how important these industries are to our local area.