Elementary Students Get Excited About Reading Through Accelerated Reader

Students are excited about reading! Mrs. Parry announced the names of the students that have taken Accelerated Reader Quizzes and have earned points and rewarded them for their hard work.  Students in grades one and two start earning prizes at five points because each of their books is only worth a half point. For every thirty points a student earns, they receive a book.

  • 5 Point Club: Dominic Douglass, Chase Eakin, AriAnna Guyer-Baker, and Jordan Swick.

  • 10 Point Club: Chloe Callahan-Brittain, Alyse Cannon, Nathan Cannon, Bella Case, Colten Christensen, Olivia Chromczak, Licinda Coffin, Sherri Dixon, David Doxtader, Collin Eakin, Owen Feagles, Arianna George, Savannah Hayes, Brandon Hulten, Trace Keba, Hunter Nichols, Emilie Peterson, Nevaeh Regels, Logan Robarge, Mikaila Robarge, Sydney Schell, Andrew Snell, Michael Sweeney-Pabis, Mikayla Thomas, Bryce Valleau, Zane Vogel, and Carly Wells.

  • 20 Point Club: Ryan Achzet, Blake Bergen, Skila Frasier, Kyle Hall, Carolyn Littrell, Katylyn Mosher, Richard Rumrill, and Chelsey Valleau.

  • 30 Point Club: Dylan Barnes, Shayne Comstock, Arielle Hughes, Chloe Scanlon, and Kirsten Swartz.

  • 40 Point Club: Abigail Miller, Olivia Pratt, and Tristan Stever.

  • 50 Point Club: Kendra Breton and Nitazia Vingua.

  • 80 Point Club: Jaslynn Leach.

  • 90 Point Club: Jade Dygert and Jacob Walrath

  • 100 Point Club: Emily Moore

  • 140 Point Club: Magdalena Pellerito

Students were recognized for meeting the NY State standard of reading 25 books. Students read 25 Accelerated Reader books and passed 25 quizzes. Student who have met the standard are invited to an end of the year party! Richard Rumrill, Alyse Cannon, Jade Dygert, Katlyn Mosher, and Jacob Walrath have met that goal! Keep up the great reading!!!