Ponytail Drive a Success in its Seventh Year

Again this year, OESJ CSD held their annual Ponytail Drive, which is now in its seventh year.  This year alone, 21 students, staff members, parents, and community members donated eight inches or more of their hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, an organization that gives the resulting wigs out for free to individuals through American Cancer Society branches.  In the past six years of the event, over 100 ponytails have been donated, resulting in approximately 17 wigs.  This year's addition of 21 more ponytails ups the total number of wigs from this event alone to 20 wigs!

This event is made possible each year by stylists who donate their time and expertise to make the event happen.  This year, Margaret Manzo, Mindy Cover, and Jennifer Pedrick made this event possible by completing 18 haircuts in just three hours.  Refreshments for those donating were provided by the OESJ PTA.  Sarah Jewett and Kristy Shafer, two teachers in the district, work each year to organize the event.  The event is held every spring, so please consider donating in 2016.

Above: Seniors Kait Isaac and Alyssa Swartz bravely decided to donate and go for pixie cuts saying, “someone needs the hair more than me”.

Below: Mother/daugher donations are seen every year. This year it was fourth grade student

Chelsea Schuyler and her mom Melinda.

Below: Sixth Grade Teacher Hannah Rutkowski was so happy to have a new shorter look for spring.