OESJ Elementary/Middle School Announces their December Wolf Award Winners

The OESJ Elementary/Middle School announces their December 2014 Wolf Award Winners in a ceremony on January 9, 2015.  The students who were honored included:  Logan Crannell, Gianna McAdams, Elizabeth Mosher, Kendall Christman, Kayleigh Araujo, Dreden Ellerby, Tyler Barnes, Brooke Johnson, Lenny Miller, Mahala Pratt, Skyler Ferrara, Colby Christman, Jesse Watson, Nicholas Buccolo, Ben Littrell, Jazmin Mumford, and Samantha Reese

The monthly Wolf Awards are given to students in Prek-8 who regularly demonstrate outstanding character, are helpful to classmates, dependable, punctual, respectful and have very few, if any, discipline issues.