OESJ Elementary/Middle School Announces January Wolf Award Winners

The OESJ Elementary/Middle School announces their January 2015 Wolf Award Winners in a ceremony on February 6, 2015.  The students who were honored included:  Isabella Berry, Brayden Hayner, Theodore Youker, Clayton Salisbury, Alexis Warn, Devin Leibowitz, Blake Moore, Justin Williams, Destiny Flanders, Abigail Miller, Isaiah Handy, William Cable, Madisyn Schell, Shaina Golladay, Brandon Ashley, Trinity Rathbun, Robert Snell, Fontana LaCoppola, Abigail Countryman

The monthly Wolf Awards are given to students who have been nominated by their teachers in Prek-8 and who regularly demonstrate outstanding character, are helpful to classmates, dependable, punctual, respectful and have very few, if any, discipline issues.