October Wolf Award Winners Announced

The October Wolf Award winners were honored in a ceremony on November 7, 2014 in the OESJ Elementary/Middle School cafeteria.  The winners are: Alexis Poston, Joseph Morrison, Madeline Sammons-Wilbur, Myles Hayes, Audrina McAdams, Bailie Richardson, David Hughes, Kayden Moyer, Anabel Morrison, Maddison Simonds, Hailey Steele, Dylan Barnes, Emiliegh Moore, Josie Brundage, Allysa Baldwin, Asa Handy, Alexis Klock, Rebecca Trumble, Dustin Smith, Thysha Boyer, Christopher Swartz, Braden Fredericks, and Faith McFarland.

These students are chosen because they regularly demonstrate outstanding character, are helpful to classmates, dependable, punctual, respectful and have very few, if any, discipline issues.