Has it really been 100 days?

The Kindergarten class at OESJ Elementary School recently celebrated 100 days of school. They each did a “100 Days” project at home with their parents and brought their projects in to share with their other classmates.  The class also talked about 100 things they would not want to have.  I think we can all agree with Teaching Assistant, Mrs. Fredericks; We do not want 100 more inches of snow!

Picture Below: Tiffany Case’s Kindergarten class

Picture Below:  Clayton Salisbury’s picture of 100 tractors, Kayla Handy’s 100 legos, Danica Schwasnick’s 100 pictures of herself,  Adrina McAdams 100 jelly beans, Kendall Christman’s 100 gold fish, and Devin Schell’s 100 marshmallows.

Picture Above:  The things the Kindergartener’s don’t want 100 more of.