DHR Morning Program Welcomes Special Guests

On a Friday in October at the DHR Elementary School’s Morning Program, the students were treated to some special guests – STJ Volunteer Firemen!  They were at Morning Program to teach our  K - 5 students fire safety.  After going over general fire safety with students, they had each K - 5 student crawl through a wall of “smoke” to safety.  Each student then received safety information from two of our firemen.  Kindergarten students also were able to take a ride in the fire trucks as an added surprise!  

Angela Hazzard’s Kindergarten class gets to ride on the fire truck.  Pictured are Donald Cavanaugh, Paiton Dygert, Chase Eakin, AriAnna Guyer-Baker, Alexis Hinkle, Olivia Hinkle, Marshall Hughes, Rebecca Johnson, Kody LaGrange, Joshua Martin, Holly Mikalonis, Jenna Price, Kendra Schaffer, Henry Schoff, Jaylynn Snell, Kalena Straney, Case Stowell, Kelsey Walter, Hannah Walrath, and Xavier Youker.

Jenna Price receives a hat and bag from a St. Johnsville Volunteer Fireman.