Harvest Celebration a Big Hit with Fifth Graders at DHR Elementary School!

Friday, October 31st, was an exciting day of fun and learning for students at DHR!  Fifth Grade students and their teachers enjoyed learning about the history of corn husk dolls and how they were made by Native Americans for Native American children to play with.  They couldn't just go to the toy store to buy the toys that they played with.  Instead they used materials from nature such as acorns to make the head and corn husks to create most of the rest of the doll.  They even used the corn silk for the hair of the doll.  Each fifth grader created their own corn husk doll on Friday, and they will be putting the finishing touches on this week.  They still need hair, hats, clothes, and other accessories. 

Mrs. Dina Brundage, Mr. Travis Heiser, and Principal, Rebecca Marzeski were amazed at how well our fifth graders followed directions and were able to create their very own corn husk doll.  This was not an easy task!  Excellent team work was needed in order for each 5th grader to experience success.  We are proud of each and every one of you!

Jaida Hulbert, Haley Smith                          Cadence Johnson, Mason Snell,                Kaylee Jones, Tavia Shaffer
                                                                     Joseph Christman, Travis Heiser

Jaida Hulbert, Paul Rice                             Maria Battisti, Mason Snell