DHR Holds their Annual Benefit Club Fundraiser

On Friday, December 19th, students and staff at the D.H. Robbins Elementary School concluded their annual fundraiser for the Benefit Club, and presented representatives of the club with $1,126 raised by the staff and families of DHR.  Staff members and friends of DHR contribute toys which are displayed in the building's show case in the main lobby. Parents and staff purchase tickets and put student names on each.  These are randomly drawn for the toy prizes, and Santa and his elves distribute the toys to the students in the audience who win them!  This year, in addition to Santa Claus, his school staff elves, and student elves, we were joined by Mrs. Marzeski as a VERY LARGE Elf on a Shelf and her Grandsons, Colton and Weston, as a VERY SMALL Santa elf and a VERY SMALL Elf on a Shelf respectively.  At the end of the day, every student went home with a gift, thanks to an anonymous donation and our local Fire Department!