D.H. Robbins Elementary Begins “Commit to Be Fit” Month

DHR Elementary School “Commit To Be Fit” Wellness Team Initiative during March which is National Nutrition month will focus on nutritious eating and daily physical activity as habits which promote good health. The primary goal is to increase our student’s knowledge about more healthful food selections and various types of physical activity which will help them set their lifelong healthy habits. School Nurse, Mrs. Jackie Lape along with the entire teaching staff of DHR has worked hard at making this initiative both a fun as well as educational experience.

Our first goal was to have a signed contract from all students confirming their understanding of a commitment and their plan to ‘Commit To Be Fit” in order to improve their future wellness. Each student returning a parent signed contract will proudly display it on their locker and receive a free “Commit To Be Fit” Wellness Team t-shirt.

This month long program will include activities targeted at parental involvement as well, through a series of three weekly wellness diaries. Our hope is that the student and their family members form a home team and complete the diaries together then return them to the classroom teacher. Students will receive a Wellness neck chain and tokens for each completed weekly diary.

Community health and wellness professionals from Cornell Cooperative Extension, Eat Smart New York, Bassett Healthcare RHENSOM (Rural Health Education Network of Schoharie, Montgomery counties), OESJ Food Service Manager, and local fitness instructors are making visits to DHR throughout the month to share their expertise on nutrition, the importance of daily physical activity as well as introducing a variety of types of physical activities for students to experience. RHENSOM provided DHR with grant funding of $1,500.00 which was used to purchase t-shirts for all participants and fund some of the activities.

Additionally, Mrs. Lape reports the OESJCSD was awarded $1,000.00 from

the Healthy School New York (HSNY) program at Glens Falls Hospital, through a New York State Department of Heath Grant.  The goal of the grant is to partner with local school districts to develop and implement comprehensive school health policies that establish healthier environments for students, staff and visitors. The Healthy Schools New York initiative works with all members of the school community and their respective administrators and Boards of Education to create policies that promote physical activity opportunities and increase healthful eating in schools. Glens Falls Hospital is home to one of 18 contractors funded across New York State through by the NYS Department of Health.