Adirondack Shakespeare Company Performs for OESJ Students

On Friday, March 20, OESJ eighth and ninth graders were treated to a performance by the Adirondack Shakespeare Company.  This is the second year OESJ students have had the pleasure of seeing this group of performers.  The troupe performed Their Blackest Sins: a nod to Shakespeare's famous villains for the students in Ms. POst’s and Mrs. Jewett’s ELA classes.  Following the performance, students were able to take part in a question and answer session where they discussed the language of Shakespeare's plays as well as how actors memorized their lines and other sorts of questions.  It was extremely interactive and well received by both students and staff!  This is the second year of this.

The pictures below showcase actors from the Adirondack Shakespeare Company performing various scenes from Shakespeare's plays at the OESJ Middle School.  The ADK Shakespeare Company performers included props in their act, such as sticks in place of swords.