2014-2015 Transportation Changes

Students that reside in the St. Johnsville area that already ride a school bus will stay on their regular bus and be transported to and from the middle school building. Walkers who need to take the shuttle bus to the middle school will need to be at the high school by 7:40am.

High school students living in the Oppenheim area will be bused to the middle school and will then catch the shuttle to the high school which departs promptly at 7:45 am. Those students will be dismissed from the high school at 2:38 to catch the shuttle back to the middle school campus in order to board their regular bus to go home. Likewise, middle school students will be dismissed at 2:38 to catch the shuttle to the high school.

A major change this year is in the afternoon where the first stop will be at the high school before continuing to D.H. Robbins. Please note that middle school students on the shuttle that are walkers, will be dropped off at the high school first before going on to D.H. Robbins. Older siblings needing to connect with their younger siblings will be allowed to continue on the bus to D.H. Robbins with permission.

Please call Mr. Bruce LaQuay at 568-2014 x107 with any questions or concerns.