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Thanksgiving 2013

POSTED 11/27/2013
Schools incorporate reading, science, social studies and more into Thanksgiving lessons
Just before Thanksgiving break, OESJ students engaged in a variety of activities incorporating reading, science, social studies and other subjects.

At the David H. Robbins Elementary School, students participated in the school's annual Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving event. Students read the book, watched the movie and then snacked on a recreation of Snoopy's Thanksgiving meal depicted in the Peanuts tale.  

At the OESJ Elementary School, students learned all about turkeys with the help to two turkey experts at the schools. Click here to learn more about the turkey lesson

At the OESJ Middle School social studies students studied the first Thanksgiving in 1621. Based on their studies, students prepared authentic Thanksgiving dishes, including stewed squash, venison stew and grits, to share with their peers.

Science students also worked Thanksgiving into their lessons. While studying convection, the students took the opportunity to make some pumpkin pie for an end of the day snack.  

To view a photo album of some of the pre-Thanksgiving events visit the district's Facebook page. (Note: You do not need to be signed into Facebook or have a Facebook account to see the photo gallery.) [Click here to see the photo gallery...] 

Captions: Top: Students at the D. H. Robbins Elementary School recreate the Thanksgiving meal in Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving. Middle: OESJ Middle School students share venison stew they prepared based on their study of the first Thanksgiving in 1621. 
Bottom: Student prepare to sample pumpkin pie prepared by science classes studying convection.