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DHR Olympics

POSTED 1/29/2013
DHR students open school's Olympic games
The D.H. Robbins Elementary School opened its fourth winter Olympiad Monday, Jan. 27. 

In class students spent the days leading up to Monday’s Opening Ceremony learning about Olympian concepts. They will spend the next four days participating in Olympic events such floor hockey, luge, bobsled, speed skating, curling, boot run, dog sled and ski jump. 

The games were organized by Coach Jason Brundage and Coach Hillary Cool.

"This great, sports loving country, is widely recognized for its concepts of sportmanship and fair play. Let sports be an educational tool in our school curriculum with good sportmanship and fair play at the center of everything we do," Principal Rebbecca Marzeski said during the opening ceremony.

Closing ceremonies are set for Friday, Jan. 31.

To view more photos of the Opening Ceremony visit the district's Facebook page. (Note: You do not need to be signed into Facebook or have a Facebook account to see the photo gallery.) [Click here to see the photo gallery...]